• TEMP Lab News

    We'd like to welcome the TEMP lab newest members: Derek Sanchez, Turner Palombo, Peter Hartvigsen, and Jack Colton.   Also shown in the picture is TEMP lab vetern, Sam Hayden (far left)  

  • Open Positions

    The TEMP lab is looking for undergraduate, MS, and PhD researchers interested in Thermal Transport/Materials/and Energy Systems research. Description: Setup, calibrate, and test fiber optic and laser based fluorescent systems (including a blu-ray player and fluorescent spider silk) to measure temperature of 3D printed devices as well as nuclear and other materials.  To Apply: Email Dr. Munro at troy.munro@byu.edu with:

  • TEMP Lab summary

    TEMP Lab

    Welcome to the TEMP (Thermal, Energy, and Material Properties) Lab.   Our lab is focused on understanding the thermal behavior of materials and improving ways to measure it.

July 2018

New Website

Pardon our mess, we're still building up the site.  But look around and FYI, the TEMP lab is looking for students interested in heat transfer, materials, and energy to join and help get the lab established.  Contact Dr. Munro.